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27 February 2005  

Now if you scroll down you can search my site. Vaguely exciting, I suppose!

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01 November 2004  

Well, I've finally put up some video samples from the Discovery film 'Digital Cool'. This film has been nominated for the Asian TV Technical & Creative Awards 2004! Yay for us!

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04 October 2004  

My most recent film, Digital Cool for Discovery, has been described as 'outstanding' by Which is nice. Otherwise, I've updated my CV to take into account my most recent sojourn in Asia.

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13 July 2004  

A quick update - just posted some pictures from my brief trip to Transylvania. Probably not the way most people would expect it to be. On the work front I just signed up with Real Creatives, an agency moving into the world of production - documentary, features, commercials, you name it. Optimist that I am, I'm looking forward to all kinds of new work...

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19 April 2004  

Well, finally did it. The new pictures - from Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Paris and Budapest are up and can be investigated as usual on the photos page. There are also stills from the newest film.
Not only that: I remastered all the music, and it sounds much better. Almost interesting, in some cases. Have a go.
The next plan is to put up a video sample from the new film. Give me some time...

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02 February 2004  

A long time has passed and the pictures from Korea (the few that are left), Singapore and Malaysia have yet to arrive. But they will. In the meantime, here's some more music - a whole new one. It's the most complex yet, though it probably doesn't sound it.

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09 January 2004  

So at last I've managed to put up a page for the short stories. Just three for now, but others will eventually follow.

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